Will We Make A Winning Team?

Whether you’re here to snap up an e-book, join a mini-course, or consult directly with me, you should know that if we work together, there are four things I'm going to assume about you… 

1. You intend to be the best. You’ve developed the best product, the best content, the best service… And now you want to execute the best marketing plan to support the growth of an incredible customer-centred business that’s going to make you and your community very proud. 

2. You’re on a pretty tight budget. You’re a start-up, a solo-preneur, a boot-strapper, a financially responsible business leader on-the-make. You’re keeping overheads low and you don’t have the resources to outsource management of your social channels, public relations strategy, and special events to a full service marketing agency or purpose built in-house team yet.   

3. You’re not personally afraid to put in the hard yards. You understand that in order to grow to the next level, you (or someone under your management) is going to have to consistently invest the time and effort to develop and execute thoughtful, connective marketing strategies to a high standard. You want to learn how this creative marketing stuff works in theory and in practice so when the time does come to outsource, you’ll know exactly who and how to ask for what your business needs.  

4. You're determined to run your business your way. You have a clear set of values and priorities and don’t see any wisdom in trying to be just like everybody else. You’re doing your best to get comfortable with the fact that you’re guaranteed to make plenty of mistakes along the way… but you’re bold enough to get back up, pivot, and keep going.