Style & Substance: Owl vs. Dove

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If you don't already know, this is Brisbane's own Sophia, an aspiring writer, communications graduate, and the blogger behind the fabulously chic and refreshingly relaxed Owl vs Dove.  Sophia's blog catalogues her personal style, inspirations, life experiences, love of thrifting, and passion for film photography (Lomo especially). What's more, its fashion focus on Australian and New Zealand labels makes Owl vs. Dove a must-read for anyone interested in local and emerging designer duds. Sophia recently collaborated with to create the Thrift Exchange challenge - a monthly thrifting adventure connecting bloggers around the world  who share a love of vintage clothing, tiny budgets, and receiving things in the mail! You can also keep up with Sophia here, here, here and get involved in the Thrift Exchange here!

Q: What inspires you lately? A: Lately I’ve been inspired by my recent travels in Europe. It’s not so much the tangible things, but the memories and experiences I've gathered along the way.

Q: What's the most recent thing you made? A: Oddly enough, a giant retro “Diner” sign (for a themed social event). But before that it would have been a purple Charles Anastase inspired dress.

Q: What item in your closet are you loving most this season? A: My Secret Squirrel striped top – I swear it’s an ‘every occasion’ type of shirt. I’ve worn it to death. However, with spring just around the corner, I can envisage myself living in a loose pastel pink midi dress that I thrifted at the start of winter.

Q: What is your ideal meal? A: I have so many “favourites” but the one meal I can’t resist is a hearty vegetable lasagne. Top it off with a generous glass of wine and good company, and you can’t get much better than that.

Q: How do you keep looking and feeling your best? A: I follow that whole “everything in moderation” shtick. I don’t stick to any real exercise routine, but I try and go to the gym regularly as well as taking pilates or yoga classes. I’ve recently cancelled my gym membership though, so I guess I’ll be switching my gym sessions for more outdoorsy activities.

Q: What are your go-to beauty products? A: Benefit ‘Dallas’ bronzer/blush, MAC or Rimmel liquid eyeliner, and a good make up remover!

Q: What are your favourite local haunts? A: For food: Pandemonium Cafe for a cheery breakfast/brunch, Guzman Y Gomez for quick and easy eats (and tasty Mexican food), Archive for a few cheeky beers, and The Bowery for cocktails. For fashion: The boutiques in the Elizabeth Arcade to pick up new threads (Violent Green and another store that I can never remember the name of), Ra Ra Superstar for a mix of thrifted/vintage/vintage-inspired clothing, and The Woolloongabba Antiques Centre for a curated selection of vintage goods. For general awesome-ness: The Gallery of Modern Art + gift shop.

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