One Million Stars


Last week while I passed time at a bus stop flipping through old images on my camera, I came across a set of photos I'd purposely been waiting to share here on the blog (though possibly not for this long). 

These are them, taken last September when artist & activist Maryann Taliapau came to Showroom with photographer Mindi Cooke to shoot a story about her One Million Stars project for Frankie Magazine. Since the official photos were published in last October's issue, I don' think I'll get myself into trouble now for sharing some of the behind the scenes piccies I took myself on the day. 

One Million Stars to End Violence is an international weaving project that aims to end violence by bringing people together to weave stars. These stars represent light, courage and hope to end all forms of violence, including violence against women. The goal is to weave 1 million 8 pointed stars by 2018 for display in Queensland. For more on how to support the project, star weaving tutorials, visit

Catherine Roberts