Cinnamon Spiced Honey

The bright, warm flavour of this lemon and cinnamon flavoured honey is a beautiful companion to all sorts of breakfast dishes and fresh baked treats. It's also my new favourite way to add a special, home-made touch to my favourite afternoon ritual - the 3pm cup of tea. Spiced honey recipes are popular in old preserving books, but this is the quick cheat's version. Because I didn't go through the whole canning process, this spiced honey will safely last in the pantry for about two weeks. (So make sure to mention that if you give a jar away as a hostess gift!)

Quick Cinnamon Spiced Honey Recipe

(for the longer recipe from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, check over here)

1. Place a slice of fresh lemon and a cinnamon stick in a small clean jar.*

2. Top with honey.

3. Pop on a lid and store in the pantry for up to two weeks.

*to intensify the spice flavour, try sticking a few whole cloves into the lemon flesh.

Catherine Roberts