Welcome to The Spring!

Hello, and welcome to The Spring! I came up with the idea for this blog when I agreed to relocate to Brisbane several months ago. I never imagined that I would find myself living in Australia, but that all changed when I fell madly in love with the man who will be known henceforth as Mr. Spring. We were both post-graduate students when we met in the idyllic surrounds of the University of Cambridge in England. When Mr. Spring was offered a dream job in his hometown of Brisbane, we decided to make the move.

I visited Brisbane for the first time last year, and was incredibly inspired by the beauty of the place and the lifestyle it offers- I can't wait to make the city my new home!* Since we made the decision to go I have been daydreaming more than a little about what I will wear, eat, how I will design and decorate the little cottage we'll be living in, and what fun and fabulous things we'll be getting up to once we arrive.**

The Spring is my way of sharing the things I think make life beautiful and joyful, documenting my mission to get know the best of Brisbane, and hopefully connecting with my fellow cosmopolites in the Sunshine State and beyond.

Follow me as I make a fresh start on a new continent, in a new city, starting a new career, setting up a new home, and making new friends. Life is busy and money is tight, but with a bit of creativity and heaps of enthusiasm it's going to be a beautiful new beginning.

xo Catherine

*I'm actually launching this blog from my family home in Toronto, Canada where I am waiting for my Australian immigration visa to be handed down from on high. I hope it comes in time for me to make the move with Mr. Spring in early January... Keep your fingers crossed for me... I don't want to spend months tarrying in the snow!

Catherine Roberts