It turns out that one of the very best things about running The Spring Shop is the talented creatives I've had occasion to meet. There are so many people passionately pursuing their crafts and today I'm very excited to tell you about a very special one making very special things.

Jolanta is a textile artist who came to Brisbane many years ago from Poland. She quickly developed a fascination with Australian native plants and with her engineer's eye for detail and a fine artists' brush took up botanical illustration. Over time Jolanta became more interested in exploring three dimensional and tactile forms. She began experimenting with wearable textile art and has applied and mastered a special process for printing botanicals on super fine merino wool using only natural dyes from Eucalyptuses, Australia Native edible plants, and berries. This is quite incredible because on a humid day anywhere in the world you can actually smell the faint scent of the eucalypt oil in the pigments of the scarf floating around your neck.

In keeping with the eco-luxury theme of her studio, the wool used for the textiles in Jolanta's range is all sourced locally from organic animal friendly farms in Australia committed to the chemical-free handling of their produce. I think this is what I love most about Jolanta's pieces; it's beautiful to wear something designed with the sustainability of our natural environment and our own health in mind.


The other range Jolanta is started making - which I just have to tell you about because they are so SO good - are her organic baby blankets. These cuddly wraps are made from a special weave of super fine organic Australian merino wool mixed with milk protein. The fabric has increadible properties and was originally engineered to give tiny premature babies  in hospital the feeling of comfort and warmth before they're strong enough to be held by their parents. It's super light, warm, non-irritating on even the most sensitive skin and incredibly comforting. It's also naturally fire retardant,  anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Each blanket is hand stitched using silk threads dyed with edible native plants and fruits. Like the super fine merino wool scarves, the organic baby blankets are washable (gently) and can be hung to dry.


I'm really proud to be able to offer Jolanta's range of hand made blankets and scarves at The Spring Shop. We have a limited range of stock available (just one of each piece!) but custom requests are more than welcome... If you're after a green and white baby blanket or if purple's your thing, please get in touch through the shop. We'll be thrilled to help you and the littlest ones in your life get just as cosy as can be.

Catherine Roberts