Things are about to get cute here on The Spring Blog today... because I've been baking mini muffins in mini flower pots. If you want to take this crafty recipe to its logical conclusion (think: What would Martha do?) you could create a whole flower pot scene by baking chocolate muffins to achieve the look of soil then adding green grass and flower icing details on top. I used this recipe instead and served it up at a casual brunch on our verandah along side fresh orange juice, yoghurt, fruit salad, and home made granola. To prepare your own mini flower pots for baking (I used 5cm terra cotta pots) brush the insides with vegetable oil and cut out a round of baking paper to sit in the bottom of the pot and cover the drain. Then fill them as you would any muffin paper or pan and pop them in the oven for the same time it takes to bake a regular sized muffin - about 10-12 minutes.

Catherine Roberts