Here's a fun fact for the day: this year the Mason jar turns 100! To celebrate the milestone, the Ball Mason company has created a limited edition run of heritage pint jars colour matched to the blue of their original 1913 design. They're a beautiful collectors item for us Mason enthusiasts and super hard to get a hold of (especially here in Australia!) so we were all extremely excited here at The Spring Cottage when our shipment arrived from the U. S. of A. this week. I can think of a hundred beautiful ways to use our blue mason jars, but the first thing I did was to fit one with a simple DIY flower frog. I can't help swooning over how blooms, greenery, and herbs clipped from the Cottage garden look sat in a blue jar... And if you're feeling the Mason jar love like I am, we have a very limited number of the heritage series available in The Spring Shop right now, so hurry over and get yours while the going's good!


How to make a flower frog...


Flower frogs are just mesh grids that help you arrange stems so they stand up straight in wide mouth vases. To make your own, all you need is a length of floral wire. I asked my local florist for some and she sold me a dozen lengths for $2. Then make a loop that fits inside the inner lip of your mason jar lid, twist to secure, and with the rest of the length of wire wrap around the circle from side to side to create a star pattern. It doesn't have to be neat or perfect, the idea is just to create a web of compartments to hold each stem.

Catherine Roberts