A small pot of black chalkboard paint and I have had a good thing going lately... First it found its way onto a corner of The Spring Cottage's living room.. and then it wound up on a batch of our mini terra cotta pots. Planted with a few succulents from project: propagate, they make a very cool (and inexpensive!) hostess gift, place card, or party favour that you get to personalise over and over again with chalk-written messages.


To paint your own mini terra cotta pots

You'll need: the pots; liquid paint (you can use chalkboard or any paint you like, but a spray can won't work well here unless you want a totally cover your pots); a stirring stick; a cheap paintbrush or foam brush; masking tape;  newspaper to protect your surface; mineral turps for cleaning up.

1. Press masking tape just under the top lip, or anywhere else you want your painted 'label' to be.

2. Stir the pot of blackboard paint gently until it feels well mixed, dip in your brush, and cover your chosen area with a first coat.

3. Leave to dry about an hour, then go in for a second coat. Remove the making tape immediately after completing your final coat.

4. Let dry completely overnight. Rub the painted bit with the side of a piece of chalk and rub off immediately with a damp rag to cure the chalkboard.

5. Plant your pot and label away!

Catherine Roberts