I love the clean, graphic quality of our new Falcon enamelware but I couldn't resist tampering with just one piece to test out something that's been on my mind for a long time - DIY chalkboard mugs. I used basic chalkboard paint and masking tape to get a crisp edge and am pleased to report that project turns out to be simple, cheap, and fool-proof. As far as crafts go, that's just exactly how I like them!


How to DIY Chalkboard Mugs

1. For this project you'll need: a mug (I used the enamelware mugs from The Spring Shop); masking tape; chalkboard paint; a small foam roller or foam brush; and some newspaper to protect your table from drips.

2. Tape off a rectangle the size and spot on the mug where you want your label to be. Press over the edges firmly to avoid your paint bleeding.

3. Stir your pot of blackboard paint well, then get a little onto your roller - no need to saturate!


4. Paint inside your tape frame. Don't worry if it looks like lots of little bubbles have formed on the surface - this happened to me and freaked me out, but they disappeared as the paint dried.

5. Wait about an hour for your first coat to dry and reapply. You may need to do this a third time, depending on how good  your first two coats are looking.


6. As soon as your last coat is applied, carefully pull off the tape. At this point if any edges have bled slightly you can scrape any the uneven bits with your fingernail.

7. Leave to cure overnight. In the morning pull out your piece of chalk and rub it over the whole label. Wipe clean and write yourself a sweet message of congratulations!


I don't think the basic chalkboard paint on these mugs will stand up very well to abrasive scouring pads or loads of trips through the dishwasher, but if you clean them out gently they're a fantastic, inexpensive way to add a very cool touch to your personal mug or a whole collection for a brunch party. If you are after a harder wearing chalkboard mug, check out a product like Pebeo chalkboard paint for porcelain. Once it's been applied and baked it will be as permanent as baked enamel and also dishwasher safe.

Catherine Roberts