If you're an op-shopper like me, you probably have a collection of mugs, pitchers, tins, egg cups, and all sorts of sweet little containers hanging around that you want to put to good use. If this cluttered scenario sounds familiar, I think you're really going to like today's easy DIY tutorial about how to make teacup candles. They're super adorable and  the perfect gift for like-minded vintage pack-rats; when your recipient has used up their lovely candle (after some soaking in boiling soapy water) they'll have another treasure to add to their own sweet little container collection. He're the simple steps!

Before getting started you'll need to gather:

  • wax  (all natural soy wax flakes are the most forgiving to work with & your candles will burn cleanly.)
  • wicks long enough to poke our from your chosen containers.
  • your chosen containers (I like tea cups, little tins would also be good.)
  • a thermometer
  • a pitcher or pot you don't mind donating to the cause of candle making (because it's going to get covered in wax)
  • a larger pot for the double boiler
  • skewers or long matches
  • scissors

Step 1. Pick out your teacups (or similar) and measure each cup's capacity - the number of millilitres your cup holds is equal to the number of grams of natural soy wax flakes you'll need to melt down to fill it.


Step 2. Fill a pitcher with wax and heat in a double boiler until the temperature reaches 180° F.

Step 3. If you like, add a scent. Essential oils can be a lovely addition, but I kept mine unscented because I want the option of lighting these teacup candles on a dessert table and I don't like mixing fragrance with food.


Step 4. Fill teacups to the very top. Step 5. Wait five minutes.


Step 6. Place wicks down into the middle of the cup.

Step 7. Rest a skewer or long match across the top of the teacup to prop up the wick, ensuring it stays centred and straight. Do not touch for 1-2 hours until the candle is completely solid and opaque.


Step 8. Trim the wick so that it’s about 2cm high Step 9. Light and enjoy

Catherine Roberts