Caboolture Historical Village

I love history parks. (I may be very nearly on my own here.) But I do. I love walking through the reconstructed old buildings crammed full of old things, imagining how people lived in olden times. Forts and castles are good, but pioneer villages - the kind where you get to have a go at churning your own butter or spinning yarn from freshly shorn wool - are my absolute favourite. I think it all stems from childhood; when I was a little girl Little House in the Big Woods was my favourite book, especially the parts about making paper dolls, sewing patchwork quilts, and rolling maple toffee in the snow. All this is by way of explanation for why, on Valentine's Day, Mr. Spring surprised me with a step back in time on a date at the Caboolture Historical Village. I'll be honest - it's no Skansen - there aren't any crowds, no characters in period dress, no demonstrations (except, I'm told, on special days), very few animals to pat, and most of the displays look themselves like historical relics. As a tourist operation it's not at all slick, but there's a kind of charm in that too. If you like antiques markets or have a bit of a quiet interest in how past generations of farming people around here, then I say it's worth a visit.

Catherine Roberts