We're up to our necks in boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape in this sweltering little Sydney apartment, all in preparation for the big move next week. The chaos around here means that lately I haven't cooked, made, done, or most especially worn anything I want photographed and posted. Regularly scheduled lifestyle blogging will resume shortly... But in the meantime, here're some pictures of my cat!

Poor old Claws died just about a week before I got home for the holidays. He had a good innings and, thankfully, a very peaceful end. That was comforting. But oh man was it tough coming in through the basement door the first time he wasn't waiting at the top of the kitchen stairs, floofing around in great anticipation of the massive pats coming his way!

When I get up to Brisbane and start snapping a million and one instagrams of all the fun I'm having with Andy the Dog (the little black spoodle who comes with the Spring Cottage) ... we'll laugh and 'like' and comment on how sweet he is. And he is super sweet. But now in the back of our minds we'll all know which furry friend really holds the top spot on my hit parade.

Catherine Roberts