Yesterday morning over mugs of tea Mr. Spring and I sat in our packed-up apartment and made a list. The 10 things we love about Sydney. It's impossible not to get at least a little bit reflective on the eve of a big move. After all, it's been an incredible year living in Darlinghurst in the midst of the city buzz... And besides, we are the sentimental type! So here's our ode... from me and him to Sydney town. I'd love to know what you love about this place too, whether you've been, stayed, or are still lucky enough to call Sydney home.

1. Everything we ever want. In walking distance.

2. The village atmosphere. Paddo feels different from Darlo, which feels different from Elisabeth bay, Surry Hills, Newtown, and Glebe. There's a whole lot of vibe variety, all in a concentrated area.

3. Milder weather. Real seasons. Living without AC, we especially appreciate Sydney's cool summer changes. Won't be seeing many of them in BNE!

4. Rad architecture. Rows of terraces. Art deco apartment blocks. The occasional grand old mansion. Strolling around can feel like being a fabulous film set.

5. Foreshore walks. Hidden beaches. Windswept lookouts. Million dollar views for free.

6. Cinema gold. So many theatres. So many film fests. So many quirky flicks to check out. And the best neighbourhood video shop.

7. Gelato Messina. Bill's burger. Anything from the Bourke St Bakery. I could go on.

8. Great mates. Sisters-in-law around the corner. A couple of favourite friends from our student days settled nearby. And a few new bloggy friends too. They've all brought a lot of laughs to this year!

9. Our flat. A beautiful, airy Federation conversion with a balcony overlooking the bustling street below. Truly, it's been a year of hipster-watching at its finest.

10. Never a dull moment. My Grandma says that boredom is province of boring people, and she's probably right. But with all Sydney's shops, markets, galleries, museums, beaches, parks and attractive outlying districts, it's damn near impossible for anyone to come up short of inspiration for fun and interesting things to do and see in this beautiful part of the world.

Catherine Roberts