This is us, at midnight, in the twenty-four hour Pancake Manor. Birthdays for us exist to be made a big deal of, so I got it in my head this year that kicking off Mr. Spring's with a late night platter of 'macadamia madness' to share would be the ideal way to set the April 3rd tone. I made up a travel kit with an embroidered card, crafted pancake bunting and birthday candles for the mission, and no one at the Manor seemed to mind at all about a couple of small flames and a bit of quiet singing. Although as I type this at 2am I'm faced with the indisputable fact that a sugar rush washed down with a cup of tea that far past bedtime will have its repercussions. But sometimes even bad ideas can turn out to have been really really good, and I'm still thinking this was one of them.

Catherine Roberts