A Thanksgiving Tablescape, Just a Few Days Late

I planned to post these photos of my Thanksgiving tablescape on Monday night after our guests had gone home and the dishes had been washed up. Up until then, it had been a delightful day of preparing and a really fun party. I love love love Canadian Thanksgiving because it represents something really beautiful and, crucially to my life here in Australia, transportable - it's about celebrating seasonal food, home-made treats, and time spent with loved ones. Which is why I didn't try to make it look or feel like a chilly autumn night here in our bright and sultry Sydney apartment.

As for the lateness of this post, that's another story. It tuned out that the Thai leftovers I had for lunch before starting on Thanksgiving dinner and decor were bad bad bad. The 24 hours of violent food poisoning that began later Monday evening felt a lot longer, but I'm just relived to know that the takeaway was the culprit and no one got sick from eating my food. And I figure since that dinner didn't count for much in the calorie stakes, I have a lot to make up for come Christmas!

Catherine Roberts