Wearing: 30+ SPF without fail... the wind off the harbour still feels a bit chilly, but the sun is definitely getting Aussie-summer strong.

Making: Vegan sugar-free chocolate milk... only the most refreshing & reinvigorating bevy of all time! I'll be posting the 'recipe' on the blog later this week.

Reading: Oh, just 130 exam scripts and a hundred odd essays... October saw the end of the uni term and a whole lot of hours spent grading undergraduate coursework. Took respite in the 50th issue of Frankie with it's lovely embroidered cover. And a stack of old New York Review of Books collecting amid the piles of student papers on the kitchen table.

Watching: I loved the second series of Rake on the ABC and miss having it to look forward to on Thursday nights.We also got our hands on the DVD set of Scandinavian crime drama The Eagle and got completely hooked on the epic struggle between good cops (who love to draw but never actually fire their guns) vs. successive waves of baddies (usually foreign, hardly ever domestic) on the not-so-gritty streets of Copenhagen.

Loving: The extra hour of twilight for taking balmy evening strolls. Weekends exploring quiet paths along the Sydney harbour foreshore. Pretty inner city neighbourhoods thick with the sweet scent of star jasmine. Shorter hot-weather hair.

Catherine Roberts