Peanut Butter Ice Cream

{Best in Show: 'milk chocolate and peanut butter fudge' & peanut butter cheesecake' from Messina Gelato, Darlinghurst & Surry Hills}

A change has come over Sydney in the past week or so. A sultry change. Mr. Spring complains about perspiring through his suit on the walk to work but I couldn't be happier. (If I had wanted to spend life encased in a sweatpants, jumpers, and fleece blankets against the baltic temperatures  in my own living room... well... I might have stayed in Canada.)

When it comes to the 'rules of summer', enjoying a beautiful ice cream on a hot day has to very nearly top the list. And when it comes to the flavour that defines summer 2012, I've got it sorted. Peanut butter ice cream is my latest fixation and nothing tastes more wonderful! It's true that my new found inability to turn down at trip to the gelateria is a complete anathema to summer's more body conscious, skin barring styles... and that goes double for the skinny white jeans I picked up at Zara last week! But hey, I'm gonna get it while it's hot... Take these heady days and squeeze the most pleasure possible right from the start! 'Cause you know we'll be back to falling leaves and fireside nights all in the blink of an eye.

What are you 'rules' for making the most out of summer right from the start?

Catherine Roberts