Gluten-Free Finale - The Results Are In!

Weight: there were fluctuations over the month, but overall I lost only a pound or two.

Inches: no change at the waist or hips.

Calipers: skin-fold tests showed reduced numbers all over my body - my face, torso (especially the muffin-top area), arms and legs all conclusively showed that inflammation is down and body composition has improved (that means more muscle, less flab).

The Verdict:  Cutting out gluten entirely and reducing the amount of carbohydrates in my diet has clearly benefited my body.*

It wasn't my will power that was most challenged by this diet. Planing ahead, shopping, and cooking the right foods in the right combination to feel full and energetic everyday was tough without relying on fillers like bread and pasta. You better believe I'm swan-diving off the gluten-free wagon over the next week, savoring my favourite Christmas foods without guilt! But, after the festive joy is over, I do think I will eat differently going forward. Treats are great and should be enjoyed, but only on one's own terms. I'm not going to over-indulge anymore just because certain foods happen to be in my house, or because I don't want to be rude to a host by turning down offerings, or because I feel pressured to fit in with other's restaurant choices. Now that I know that eating certain foods makes my body puffy and sabotages my fitness goals, it simply isn't worth derailing myself most of the time.  So I'm going to keep working on eating as best I can. For me, this  means keeping carbs in check and limiting the gluten.**

*My trainers insist that had I embraced a full paleo diet my results would have been even better. I'm inclined to believe them, but as I struggled to make gluten-free work, going super low-carb and cutting out all sugar and dairy would have been too overwhelming for me. If I do progress to full paleo, it's going to be in small steps over a long period of time.

**BIG THANKS to my friends and trainers at

Cross Fit Quantum

for all the advice and support over the past month!!

Catherine Roberts