London Photo Diary

London is just one of those places. No matter how much time you spend, there's always  more to see. What struck me most on this trip was the abundant cultural and ethnic diversity on display. Walk the streets of London, anywhere in London, and you walk with people from every corner of the world and every walk of life. It's a sensitive subject, but to me, Sydney's just not like that. Australian cities may be multicultural, statistically they are, but migrant groups from every global background haven't really taken root in the vibrant inner suburbs (although their cuisine may have) t0 quite the same extent as in London, New York, or Toronto. I've never seen a burka in Paddington, or heard a Jamaican accent in Surry Hills so coming from central Sydney, London really does feel like a world city. Then there was the festival atmosphere. The English may not have imbibed quite the same joie de vivre as their continental cousins, but it has always been true that on the relatively rare occasion of a beautiful summer's day there's nowhere jollier than Jolly Old England. Combine fine warm weather with the Jubilee/Olympics afterglow and the Paralympic party still going off and all clichés aside, I really did feel in 5 short days that I got a quick taste of the best of Britain.

Catherine Roberts