Gluten-free update: Day 19

paleo longing
paleo longing

I'm really proud of myself for making it this far - I've never stuck to a diet plan this consistently and I'm feeling good about my will-power. Physically, I'm also doing well this week. I'm successfully eating more, so I've gained back a pound or two. That's good news, because I'm also feeling a lot stronger. That said, I'm not sure I feel any better gluten free than I did when I was eating bread and pasta. I definitely still want foods I'm not meant to have, and I do often feel deprived (although lettuce wrapped burgers from The Burger's Priest* have made me very happy!) Since I feel pretty much the same, I'll have to wait until the end of this experiment to see how much my body composition has changed to conclude the extent to which its all been worth it.

I can say at this stage that I've learned some valuable lessons. Instead of just snacking on whatever is lying around the kitchen, I'm making more mindful choices based on taste AND nutrition. I'm having more protein and veggies and less filler. I'm planning my meals and shopping trips so I'll have fresh food to cook. All these changes amount to healthy life habits I plan to keep up. Mr. Spring also pointed out that I haven't had a cold sore since I've been on this working out and healthier eating mission. Usually I would get sick and/or get a cold sore this time of year, so maybe my immune system is trying to tell me I'm doing something right!

*These are the BEST BURGERS in the WORLD and if you are in Toronto you should run not walk to Queen and Coxwell to try them for yourself.

Catherine Roberts