Fresh Figs {two ways}


Inspiration comes in many forms, but with me and cooking it usually starts with a single, usually seasonal, ingredient. This week in the kitchen, I'm all about figs. I find them really elegant and exotic, plus because they already have such a beautiful soft texture and a sweet, mellow taste figs really don’t need much doing to turn them into the stars of a party ready dish.


Baked Figs with Honeyed yoghurt and pistachios

I definitely have a sweet tooth, and this treat satisfies without causing any guilt. Select 1 fig per person and cut each fruit across the top in a crisscross. Place figs in a baking dish and bake uncovered in a hot oven for 10 minutes. While they’re warning whisk together ¼ cup plain yogurt and a teaspoon of raw honey for per person. Set a fig on each plate, dollop the honeyed yogurt into the crevice of each fruit, and garnish with a few sprinklings of crushed pistachios and a small pinch of cinnamon.


 Fig & Cheddar Canapés


I always keep a box of gluten-free crackers and a block of sharp cheddar on hand so I know I can create an appetiser board using whatever fruit or antipasti I have around the kitchen when guests unexpectedly drop by (or when I prefer to graze rather than sit down to a full meal). Right now my favourite combination is the Always Fresh Deli Style Roasted Sesame wafer crispbread (I get them at Coles – they nothing very fancy, but they are particularly good) with a slice of fresh fig, a crumbling of mature cheddar, and a little drizzle of honey.

Catherine Roberts