Pancakes & Blueberry Maple Syrup


Up until last week, French Toast was the lazy-Sunday-breakfast treat of choice around The Spring Cottage. But my new instant pancake mix and 2-minute dressed up syrup has taken our weekend morning indulgence to a whole new level. The efficiency of this recipe is genius - keeping a jar of home-made pancake mix on hand means a really special brekkie is never more than 5 minutes away. Seriously 5 minutes! Once you have the basic mix you can add any spices and pile on any topping you like, but for me the ultimate in luxury has to be a mound of glistening, sapphire blueberries floating in their sweet maple liquid, oozing down a tower of fluffy, buttery hotcakes.


Instant Pancakes

Mix 600g flour + 3 x 15ml teaspoons baking powder + 2 teaspoons bicarb + 1 teaspoon salt + 40g sugar and store in jar.

To make pancakes, whisk together 1 cup of dry mix, 1 cup of milk, and 1 egg. Heat your griddle, melt a little butter onto it if you're feeling really decadent, and get flipping!


Blueberry Maple Syrup

In a small pan heat 1 1/2 cups blueberries and 1/2 cup maple syrup for about two minutes. This amounts to half a pack of 400g frozen blueberries and half a 250 ml bottle of maple syrup, so the recipe is easily doubled!  Pour the hot syrup into a pitcher and pour over pancakes or ice cream for a beautiful dessert!

Catherine Roberts