Skincare Rx


About a month ago I bought a relatively inexpensive drugstore facial moisturiser that triggered a bout of mild cystic acne. It was only a few bumps under the skin, but still, this was clearly a sign that my summer skincare regime was in need of sorting out. I sought the advice of Samantha at The Beauty Zone and with a handful of samples from Melbourne-based certified organic skincare line La Clinica plus a script to follow (personalised written instructions = very helpful), she had my skin back to being blemish free in no time.

I believe the massive improvement in the clarity, brightness and texture of my skin is down to three La Clinica products, which I'm obviously excited to share! First is the Gly C Refining Mask with glycolic acid, a brilliant exfoliator, pore shrinker, and skin smoother. Second, the Rich Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is hugely moisturising and great value (I'm still not through the sample sachet and it's been well over a month!) Finally the Purifying Green Tea Night Cream is the perfect summer formula; it's light and non-greasy, very hydrating and smells beautiful! I'm pretty sure I paid $36 for it at The Beauty Zone and, considering that the original culprit cream cost $30, seems like a very good deal to me.

Catherine Roberts