A Quick & Healthy Breakfast: Spring Style Oatmeal


The first thing I did this morning after hitting snooze  leaping out of bed was put together my signature healthy oatmeal breakfast. And I actually do like Mondays. Starting a new week is a bit like hitting the cosmic do-over button; it's the chance to live out the same routines, only better. On Sunday night I always seem to make the same vows (work harder, exercise more, communicate better, eat right). That's why I like to start the day with my specially designed Spring Style coco oatmeal. It's warming, delicious, and keeps my energy levels up for ages to me a fighting chance at getting stuck into all the productivity and virtuousness I always have planned. This bowl of healthy breakfast goodness won't win any beauty contests, but it's my favourite way to make a fresh start out of an every-day kind of day.

oatmeal with coco raisins walnuts coconut

The Spring's Healthy Breakfast: Cocoa Oatmeal

1/3 cup steel cut oats + 1 tbs raw cocoa + small handfull of sultanas + big pinch of dessicated coconut + 10 or so walnuts coarsely chopped (+ shake of cinnamon if I'm in the mood) + 2/3 cup water + microwave for 4-5 min + 2/3 cup skim or almond milk.

Catherine Roberts