DIY: Lanterns

In the warm months, we spend almost all our time at home on the big L-shaped back verandah. The family dining table sits under the big sheltered section, and then there's the small bit off our bedroom, covered by a pergola and furnished with a delicate bistro table for two. This spot is usually prettily dappled in morning sunlight, but not today! When the rain stops, I'll hang these sweet lanterns from the beams over the table to sparkle in the morning rays or cast a romantic candle-lit glow over dusky al fresco dinners. They're made from old glass jars, picture wire, a few dabs of glue, and bits of lemon yellow tissue paper. They may not stand up well to wet weather, but if today's storm doesn't let up, at least I'm all set with a kitchen shelf full of lanterns if the power cuts out!

Catherine Roberts