DIY Digital Notes

A little while ago I received a photo+ note from a friend in text form. It consisted of a pretty picture and a sweet message just like a real card, and the simple thoughtfulness of it made my day. While I've was brought up well enough to know that sending birthday, thank-you and greeting cards through the internet is generally considered second best (read: a bit lazy), let me make a courteous minimalist's case for DIY digital notes.

+ People love getting a quick same-day acknowledgment. Whether you've been at a dinner party, received a nice gift, or celebrated a milestone, it's nice to get a message straight away. 

+ Cards are lovely, but once you've opened them, they're clutter. A pictures on your phone, ironically, will probably last longer.  

+ You're more likely to send a note if you make it easy for yourself. And a sent message, in whatever form, is better than no message at all.

+ Email is ok, but as digital cards go, I think text message is even better. Texts are less likely to be mistaken for work!

+ Keep a folder on your phone with cute images from different occasions you've created or sourced (with artist permission) from around the web. Thank you and Happy Birthday will cover a multitude of occasions, but as you find great images, add them in for spreading future cheer.

Images via Pinterest, click photos for the link! 

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