Day In The Life | Friday, May 15


8:15am Today I lay in. Not having anywhere to be this morning, I turn on the electric blanket, dash to the kitchen to make my mug of tea, fly back into a toasty bed, and reach for the issue of Cereal that's been waiting on my night stand for just such an opportunity. 

9:30am Shower. Oatmeal. Laptop time. I work on a new email template for my weekly missives on behalf of The Spring Shop. I've been out of the habit of sending them for quite some time and I'm pulling myself up on it because I know what an opportunity to connect I'm missing out on. I'm excited about my 'new email look' and have the first four weeks already planned out to make it easier getting back in the swing.

10:15am I realise I'll be late if I'm not careful so I close the lid and dress, scrunch a dollop of leave-in-something into my still wet hair, and apply a little makeup. I grab my keys, wallet, phone, and I'm out the door. 

10:35am I reverse down the driveway I take care to avoid hitting the empty bins encroaching on my usual path and suddenly there's a loud EEEEEEERRRRRRKKKKKKKKK! I've got the car on such an angle that I'm manage to graze the brick garden wall flanking the driveway, scraping the sh*t out of my car and breaking part of the wall. I'm so annoying with myself but I'm still in a rush, so I only hope I can sweep up all the crumbled mortar before N comes home. 

10:55am I meet up with my creative intern Anwyn at our appointed grocery store. I've got an ingredient list in hand for the 6 recipes I want to feature here on The Spring Blog over the next few months, and we have an ambitious plan to make and shoot them all this afternoon. I tell her about the car thing. She's getting her licence any day now and I hope the whole 'folly of complacency' message is useful. (Just because you've done something 1000 times, doesn't mean you can't screw it up if you don't pay attention on round 1001.)

11:45am Back at home we sketch out our plan of attack, turn the dining room into a sort of set, and start cooking. I don't want to give away the recipes ahead of time, but they were all a great success and really delicious. Taking all the photos was really fun too. Days like these, away from the computer and outside the shop, when I get to be more creative than managerial or entrepreneurial, are a real treat. 


4:15pm Having gotten a little behind schedule, we're frantically shooting the final (amaze) skillet dessert before Anwyn has to leave when N comes home. There's still rubble in the driveway. The dining furniture is strewn across the verandah, the sink is piled high with dirty utensils, and there isn't an inch of kitchen counter not given over to something we've been concocting. It's chaos and I've got some 'splaining to do... but not just yet. 

5:25pm I drop Anwyn off at her guitar lesson and head back home to face the very messy music. I put the furniture back where it way, clean the kitchen, and wash what seems like every pan and dish in the house before setting the table with an assortment of all the left overs from the day. 

7:05pm I sit down to check emails and continue working on the email template but quickly realise I've left my power cord at Showroom and my laptop is flat. It's another silly mistake but there's nothing to be done so I brew a herbal tea, pick up my iPad, run a bath, find something to watch on iview, and soak.