Day in the Life | Wednesday April 1st, 2015

7:00am | Woke up to N’s alarm. We laid in bed for a few extra minutes listening to the hard rain falling and I thought about how few customers that meant for the shop. I also thought about how that was almost a good thing, because I'd worried about morning sun casting funny shadows across the photo we had planned for later in the morning. 

7:10am | N made the tea and toast while I stood over our ancient blender, whipping up a fresh batch of almond butter. I crawled back into bed to enjoy it while making a few quick updates to the shop website. 

8:00am | TRAFFIC! Dropped N off atwork and continued on to Showroom.

claire deane yoga

8:50am | Arrived late, but with just enough time for a speedy version of our usual #teamshowroom Wednesday yoga sesh. (Note to self: spend more time doing hip opening exercises… I almost got stuck in pigeon.)

9:45am | Our photographer arrived to shoot Fabienne’s jewelry line. I'm fascinated by the connection between technology and artistry so I love watching how pros set up their gear and position their subjects. I can't announce anything much about this project just yet, but more details are coming soon!

10:00am | Anwyn arrived and while the photo shoot cracked on, we went over what’s been going on in the business over the past week. There’s a new POS system to learn (I've invested in a big upgrade to the way we organise Showroom and The Spring Shop from the back end) and we debated branding as we brainstorm ideas for new packaging for The Spring Shop's signature range. 

12:00pm | Bonnie from Mous. Magazine stopped by to interview me for their upcoming print edition coming out this Winter. We had a super interesting chat about curration, retail, and the creative life which I can't wait to see in context later this year. 

12:30pm | After frantically printing out all the financial statements I can find around the 'office', I headed down the Gold Coast to meet with my new account. Book keeping isn't an area I feel particularly confident about but as the business grows, I know how imperative it is to have well designed systems in place to help me keep on top of it and it's a huge relief to have found someone I feel can really help me with this. 

 1:30pm | I arrived early at the coast so I grabbed a quick lunch and took my tea down to the beach. I love it there and after a busy morning I’m glad I found a few minutes to enjoy it.

3:30pm | Meeting done. It was pouring rain again so I skipped another walk on the beach and headed straight back to Brisbane.

 6:30pm | We celebrated N’s birthday eve with a family dinner at Marinara before everyone headed out of town for Easter. I think I've discovered Brisbane's best lasagne and I can't wait for an excuse to go back for some more. 

10:15pm | Home again. We patted dogs, decided against catching up on the work I promised myself I'd finish that night, and instead flicked on an old episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm before drifting off to sleep.