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John Mills Himself Brisbane CBD
John Mills Himself Brisbane CBD
Archives Fine Books, Brisbane
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Archives Fine Books Brisbane
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These photos were taken weeks back, but I've been waiting for our Brisbane autumn to turn a little chillier before posting them. This morning when I woke to feel the chill of the air on the tip of my nose I knew the day had come - Welcome to hot chocolate season!

While I can't claim to have tried every cup in town, I was more impressed with the hot chocolate at John Mills Himself than I have been with any single other thing in a very long time (Poet's Ode in Hahndorf SA notwithstanding). The ambience inside this long, narrow cafe tucked away underneath Archives Fine Books is pretty wonderful too, though with such an exciting menu offerings I'd happy have sipped my hot chocolate in a food court or a field.  

The whole experience puts John Mills Himself squarely in the running for Brisbane's Best CBD Cafe. If anyone has other worthy contenders for the title in mind, it would be my woolly-jumper-wrapped pleasure to investigate. 

Catherine Roberts