Hollow Wooden Eggs | Two Ways

When my brother and I were kids, my mom was the best at Easter.

Every year she hid chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil and little packets of smarties tied with ribbons all over the house. (It was too cold snowy where I grew up at Easter to involve the garden.) She was so good at hiding that I remember stumbling across an overlooked trove one year in July. As we reached the age when other parents probably started to figure that the bunny's jig was up, our Ma was just hitting her Easter stride. She'd draw us treasure maps and make illustrated riddle booklets leading us round the house on her hunt. Even as middle school students we were still racing through the house with our pink wicker baskets, giggling from clue to clue, still dressed in our pyjamas and sock feet. 

hollow wooden eggs | The Spring Shop
hollow wooden egg | The Spring Shop

Fast forward to Easter present. 

I saw hollow wooden eggs like these somewhere around the time I first started The Spring Shop and wanted so much to stock them last year. In the end I never could find a local supplier and instead wrote to a Russian nesting doll factory to ask if I could get some custom made. It turned out I could. 

Although painting them with kids would be really fun, I like the grain of the smooth natural wood. Over Easter weekend at The Spring Cottage I'll be filling mine with little chocolates (I used my favourite dark chocolate covered blueberries in the opening photo) and passing them round as a special treat. 

I also love the way these wooden eggs look planted with baby succulents and laid out as place settings or tiny favours on a celebration table. They're still understated - very cool -  but in a celebrating-the-burst-of-new-life' kind of way which is, if I remember my high school religion class correctly, what this Easter thing is all about. 

Catherine Roberts