Showroom 20/2/2015

Left to right from top:

1. Arranging Erstwhile prints.

2. Your Core Light Jewels display.

3. Wilde flora roses for Valentine's Day. 

4. Jacqueline Evans bath salts. 

5. Playing with new YCL crystals & agate slices in low light.

6. Tea breaks with The Seventh Duchess chai & latest Kinfolk mag. 

7. Fabienne modelling our coconut obsession on the high verandah. 


8. Potted succulents by The Small Garden.

9. Paddington Queenslanders

10. Claire demoing yoga moves at our morning #teamshowroom stretch sesh. 

11. Enamelware love c/o The Spring Shop. 

12. Fabienne & the vegan pumpkin caramels. 

13. More Queenslander ♡, this time by JFrank

14. Lambie & Co all in a row. So much tying and retying went into levelling these prints out right, I almost hate to sell one! 

15. Sunshine, blue skies & polywood on the high verandah. 

Catherine Roberts