Shop Counter

You know when you're looking to buy something new... And in your mind's eye you can see so clearly exactly how you want that thing to be... So you go out into the world looking for it... Hoping that (for a price you're willing to pay) the new, perfect thing will find you?

That's how it was with the new wooden service counter at Showroom.  

 We've had so many compliments on the new counter that I couldn't keep its provenance to myself. So here it is:

The bench was made by Andy, who I found on Gumtree. He customised his most popular kitchen island design to create the perfect work/customer care station for our front room, and all for less than it would have cost to get something (sort of) comparable (read: way less good) from a big box store. 

You can find Andy's business Home Made Home on Facebook and in person at his Sailsbury Studio Tuesdays - Saturday by appointment. 

Catherine Roberts