DIY Eucalyptus Garland


It's beginning to look a lot like Austral Christmas around The Spring Cottage thanks to the practicing I've been doing for a new Showroom workshop - Festive Eucalyptus Garland Making. 

If you're in Brisbane you can join us for the session on Saturday December 19th 2pm - 4pm at 104 Edward St in the CBD. Tickets include all materials plus afternoon tea, and you can reserve your spot here

If you're not, here's the process laid out down below. 

-seeded eucalyptus
–sharp scissors
-cord or twine
–fine gauge floral wire


1. Start by cutting up the gum branches into individual sprigs by trimming away any wayward bits. 

2. Attach each sprig to the twine by wrapping wire along the main bit of the stem.  

3. Continue along the length of the twine with all the branches slightly overlapping so the garland looks like one continuous branch. 

4. Hang up your garland or lay it along a table as a festive centrepiece. 

ShowroomCatherine Roberts