London | Photo Diary

A couple of days before my return flights to Australia, my mother and I caught the train from North Wales back down to London. 

As a city, we both have what I suppose you'd call an affinity for London. After so many visits over the years it feels like a familiar place to us both, but not so familiar as to be unexciting.

I lived in England on and off throughout my twenties and my mother and I would often meet up in London for short visits, just the two of us. Thinking of it now, I wonder if beyond the bustling shops, museums, and monuments it isn't the simple fact that London is the place where so many of my adult memories of being with my mother are set that makes me so fond of the city itself. 

My mother isn't much of a photographer, so one selfie is all the proof I have that I was present for our quick trip. What she is, however, is a great walker and this is something I've most certainly inherited. Through rain and sun, from early in the morning till late at night, we spent those days together, walking. We walked to cafes and galleries and shops and parks. We walked through pockets we know well and explored streets we'd read about sometime, somewhere, and made mental notes to explore someday.

Once again we loved staying in Marylebone, our favourite neighbourhood of central London. We paid our first visit to the magnificent Wallace Collection (and highly recommend their courtyard cafe). We made it over to Shoreditch to check out some boutiques I've been following online (no one will be surprised to hear that I LOVE the curation of Labour and Wait). And we hiked up as far as Primrose Hill, from where the panoramic shot over the cranes of London was snapped. 

Catherine Roberts