The Holidays.

They're here.

So here's an idea.

This year, let's all buy Christmas presents from small local businesses and self-employed people. For example, from your neighbour who sells online, a local craftsperson who makes jewellery, the beautiful florist shop up the street, the baker on the corner who makes her own cakes, buns, and chocolates. The guys that run a cafe or salon.

Lets give the money we've already planned to spend this season to the cool people down the street working hard in independent shops & creating handmade goods. After all, they're the ones who keep our neighbourhoods vibrant and interesting.

Let's not give it all to multinational companies and big box stores just because they have parking lots out front and sometimes that can seem a little easier.

#shopsmall this holiday season & tag your finds at #shopsmallbrisbane to help other folks in our city do the same.


Photos (Products all available at Showroom)

1. Brisbane Made 2. Lume Decore Hoshi lamp 3. Lambie & Co. palm print // Wilde Flora terrariums 4. Jasmine Dowling print (not in store) 5. Anise skincare // Jacqueline Evans skincare // Your Core Light pyramid glass & crystals 6. Once Was Lost summer throw

Catherine Roberts