Of all the wares I've gathered to The Spring Shop, these mugs are my favourite.


Because of the perfect simplicity of the design. Because even though I didn't grow up with these mugs (like so many other people seemed to) there's something sweetly nostalgic about them. Because the design hasn't changed since the 1920s and whenever possible I'm all for doing it once and doing it properly.

I do still have a kitchen cupboard full of porcelain mugs, but I never use them anymore.  The more worn and tea stained my enamel mug gets, the more I love it. I love how at it's always too hot to cup in my hands, then it mellows to the perfect, cosy temperature after the first few sips. I appreciate what a serious amount of tea it holds. And I'm this close to convincing myself that it makes my morning brew actually taste better.

If you want to get your hands wrapped around one, we've got 'em for grabs here.

Catherine Roberts