The real reason I've traveled half way around the world this August. [ezcol_1third]It's my brother Peter's birthday today - 30 years old!

As usual, he's taking it completely in stride and I'm getting all sentimental. I amazed at how fast our childhood together went by, how creative, self-possessed, and awesome he is in every aspect of his life now, and how this milestone means we're really, definitively both grown ups from here on out.

This weekend we'll be milking the celebrations for all they're worth with family, friends, too much food and a trip to NYC next week!

(speaking of food, Pete, this cake is gluten & dairy free which = totes paleo, right?)


I can't wait to see how much huger you get this year!

(the beeswax birthday candles... which he'll be blowing out tonight... and enamel plates are available here)[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end]

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Catherine Roberts