On Sunday I organised a bit of an experiment. [ezcol_1third]

Here's the back story. At Showroom we're finally in the groove of running workshops every weekend. But if Mother's Day taught us one thing it's that on public holidays and special occasions people make other plans; we knew trying to sell tickets to sessions on the Queen's Birthday would simply be too big an ask for our fledging marketing machine to handle.

Still, we love hosting a room full of people who're having a great time making things… it's what we hang out for in the shop all week. So I wondered if I put on a free event - a crafternoon -  and invited everyone following on instagram, Facebook, and our newsletter to pop by and make things with me would anyone come?

At 2pm on Sunday - the appointed start of crafternoon -  the shop was quiet and I'd convinced myself they wouldn't. Then a pair of girls came in, and another, and another, and before I knew it we had a little group together on the back verandah, soaking in the sun with cups of tea and getting our macrame on.

We all have metrics that we use to determine how well things have (or haven't) gone. One of the things we're trying to differently at Showroom is change the way we think about traditional metrics - more than sales per square meter in the shop we're turned on by the idea of experience per square meter for everyone who comes through the door (including ourselves).

By that reckoning the experiment was a ringing success and I can't wait to do it again. It was simple but (and) for me completely charming thanks to the bright, funny women who made it rad.

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Catherine Roberts