My Go-To Green Smoothie Recipe 

1. Fill up half my 500ml mug with coconut water and pour it into the blender.

2. Add in a big handful of fresh spinach (it takes up the bulk of the pitcher) plus about a quarter cup of frozen mango pieces and another handful of ice cubes.

(If I'm extra hungry or replacing a meal with this smoothie, I'll toss in half a frozen banana and a scoop of Sun Warrior protein powder too.)

3. Blitz for about a minute so all the frozen fruit gets chopped up and pour back into the mug (or a pint sized mason jar if I'm on the go).

4. Add hot water and a bit of washing up liquid back into the pitcher, blitz for a few seconds, and rise… Presto clean-o! No need to scrub. How easy is that?

Catherine Roberts