[ezcol_1third] A design this cool deserves its own blog post...

I'm super excited to show you all the new plywood milk crates we've got in at The Spring Shop! They're a beautifully crafted reinterpretation of a classic utilitarian form… they're warm and modern, playful and practical... and I'm mad for them.

These boxes mimic the layout of negative space of your standard plastic milk crate, making them look and feel light. In actuality they're super sturdy thanks to the clever design and strength of the high quality Radiata Pine ply we've chosen to craft them from.

Each crate comes flat packed and interlocks in seconds without any glue or hardware. If DIY's your thing, you can paint or varnish the natural wood to suit your decor - though we love them just as they are!

We're using them around the Spring Cottage, studio, and our pop-up market stalls for extra seating (yes, they're strong enough to sit on!), as storage boxes, coffee, bedside, or occasional tables, and stacked up in multiples to create unique bookshelves and display features. They're also just big enough to fit an old time record sleeve… as quite a few of you who follow our insty feed and awesome newsletter list have been asking!

AND… I'm especially proud that our plywood milk crates are made locally by artisans we've partnered with right here in Brisbane, QLD. Here's to thinking global and shopping local!

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Catherine Roberts