[ezcol_1third] I've been getting a lot of emails lately from people (young women in particular) asking for guidance as they prepare to begin their journeys as creative entrepreneurs. It's a topic I've become really passionate about (as just about anyone who's sat down to a cup of tea with me this year can almost certainly attest) and something I plan to explore on the blog more in coming months.

One of the things that makes it so compelling is that so many of us have a secret creative entrepreneur deep down inside, but we're either unwilling or unsure of how to let her out.

Has this ever been true for you?

For years it was definitely true for me.

Then last March I swapped my life as an underemployed academic to become a self-employed blogger, shop owner, and freelance writer. In some ways the traditional education I've been lucky enough to receive prepared me for my new roles - I'm confident when it comes to writing, researching, analysing situations critically, and working independently. In other more technical areas I've felt less capable; when it's come to fixing code on my websites, editing photos for submission to glossy magazines, inventing new marketing strategies, or in the early days just figuring out how to set up my Oztrail gazebo at the markets, there's usually something on my to-do list that challenges me to the point that it feels like I'm reinventing the wheel.

And I know I'm not the only one who gets this way.

Everyone who sets out to do things they've never done before necessarily figures out all kinds of big and small things along the way. Usually anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours on Google and/or Youtube does the trick, but not always.

I reckon when it comes to creating the life we want there are real and perceived barriers that stand in our way. Thinking we don't have enough time to work on becoming who we know we're meant to be is usually a perceived barrier. On the other hand, not having the right core skills to bring the brightest ideas out from our heads and into the world can be a very real problem indeed.

While I firmly believe that everything is ultimately figure-outable, sometimes we need more than just a good search engine to get from where we are to where our big dreams are taking us. After a year of building my own DIY dream, I've finally realised that for some things, it really does make sense to ask for help from the experts.

If any of this resonates, I'd encourage you to look at what Open Universities Australia has to offer. Their motto is 'your best days are ahead of you' and provide a huge range of options for further study on a flexible basis to help catalyze a career change or smooth some of the rough spots on a creative entrepreneur's road. And unlike private academies, OUA courses come with a whole host of student support and counseling programmes as well as options for financial assistance such as FEE HELP. For me their Digital Video unit would be perfect as I really want to start creating great video content for the blog this year… ideally without having to subject my readers to unfortunate production values as I struggle to slowly learn the ropes all on my own.

Learning really is the journey, so what would you like to find out about this year? What does the career of your dreams look like, and what are the small steps along the way to making it happen?

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Learning is the Journey