[ezcol_1third] Those of you who follow my social media feeds already know that last Friday I travelled down to Sydney to hang out with Blog Society and improve my photography techniques for your viewing pleasure!

Blog Society is a brilliant organisation set up by the gorgeous Jaclyn, who you might know from her personal blog Little Paper Trees. Jaclyn and her creative team put on stylish, lively events (think a bright white studio, reclaimed wood trestle tables, vintage china, luscious blooms, sweet terrariums, and lots and lots of paper confetti!) where bloggers meet up for sophisticated lessons in what it takes to build a beautiful space on this here internet.

I attended the Lens & Layout workshop, a hands on day of instruction and practice that (i) demystified my camera's manual settings (ii) explained the process of photo editing in Adobe Lightroom, and (iii) showed us how to lay out collages, mood boards, and create Pinterest worthy text superimpositions in Adobe In Design.

Besides the top-notch tutelage (thanks Pink Ronnie and Tea Lily!) the whole day was really inspiring. I know that's a clichéd thing to say, but spending time with the accomplished, creative women in the session was so rejuvenating, like taking a deep breath of fresh, energising air. And the food was the best.  

I'd recommend all you creatives to jump on Blog Society's newsletter so y'all be sure to hear when the next event is coming up near you… hopefully we'll see Jaclyn up in Bris next year with something special for us.

* Photos of me, the Blog Society flier, and the group shot by Tea Lily. The rest, as ever, are my own!

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