watermelon crush
watermelon crush

Yesterday the Shop popped up at our last markets of 2013… which makes this the official start of Summer Holidays at The Spring Cottage. To usher in our vacation, today Mr. Spring and I are hoping to squeeze in a stand-up paddle board session at Sandgate (our first ever!) before heading out to the airport to pick up my sisters-in-law who're arriving to spend Christmas at our place.

Things are already pretty well organised on the festive front, so from now on I'm looking forward to relaxing on the verandah with the family, uninterrupted stretches of pleasure reading, and sipping on these watermelon crushes. They're the new favourite summer cooler around here: super thirst quenching and so simple to make. Just blend chunks of frozen watermelon, coconut water, and fresh mint together, pour into a tall glass, and enjoy.

Catherine Roberts