[ezcol_1third] It's a muggy Brisbane New Year's Eve's Eve. I'm typing at the darkened kitchen table, still sticky from the heat (still wearing a bathing suit and salt in my hair) as the metronomic whirl of my mother-in-law on her rowing machine wafts in from just beyond the glass doors.

As we mark the fin d’année it seems a little stock take ought to be in order… So using this  prompt from Pip's beautiful blog for guidance… Let me tell you more...

Making: A resolution to eat that bunch of kale in the crisper. Cooking: Pasta. I'm not quite over the whole 'season of indulgence' thing yet. Drinking: Tea. Even when it's 30+ degrees outside, I just want my big old mug of Dilma. Reading: The latest issue of Kinfolk, finally. December was so busy I'm only just catching up. Wanting: My brother to book a trip to visit us here in Australia. He works so hard that he's not been able to come out to hang at The Spring Cottage yet and I know he'd have the time of his life. He's a tropical kind of guy at heart and winter in Canada really bums him out. Looking: Tanned with wrinkly finger tips… I've been spending so much time in the pool. Playing: With my new macro lens. Prepare yourselves for a bumper crop of super-close-up photos in 2014! Wishing: That the next three weeks would go extra slow. Enjoying: Swimming. It cools me down and makes me feel strong all over. Wondering: Whether I'll manage to stay awake till midnight… taking the last decade into account my track record is about 50-50. Needing: A ceiling fan in the studio. Smelling: Wet grass from summer storms. Wearing: Bikini tops under jean shorts and loose cotton tees. It's too hot for bras. Feeling: So much less tired than I was a few weeks ago. Holidays. Are. Awesome. Admiring: Mr. Spring's incredible work ethic and passion for his new project. Buying: Taking a break from re-stocking the shop to pick up a few extra post-Christmas treats for me… I've gotten salt water sandals to go with a new summer outfit and a few beautiful, inspiring cook books this week. Bookmarking: Freunde von Freunden and loads of cooking blogs. Opening: As few emails as possible. It IS still summer break! Giggling: Whenever I take the dog into the pool for his "swimming lessons"… Andy is discenably less amused. (Or put another way, completly hydrophobic.) Trying: Stand up paddle boarding this week.

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New Year's Eve gold coast sunset gold coast sunset


Catherine Roberts