Ginger And Tamarind Spice Cookies


All the songs coming across the radio this month sure make walking in a winter wonderland sound romantic… But to me there’s nothing better than waking up Christmas morning to sunshine, kookaburras laughing, and the choice between a post-present exchange trip to the beach or an afternoon spent lazing in a hammock under the poinciana tree.

As a fully fledged convert to the joys of Australian Christmas, making (and eating and sharing) these ginger and tamarind spice cookies have become a much loved holiday tradition. I baked them each year not just because they’re delicious, but also because I feel the recipe is a kind of love letter from me to the steamy Queensland climate. The ode is in the way this little ying-yang biccies perfectly combine the bold, warm, festive flavours we all crave this time of year with the brightness and zing of sun-worshiping glacé ginger and tamarind. To me, they are tropical Christmas in snack form.


For my the details of my ginger & tamarind spice cookie recipe plus a top tip for super easy, cosy holiday entertaining, head over to A Beach Cottage where I've shared the full post!

Catherine Roberts