[ezcol_1third] We usually alternate the holidays between Canada and Australia, and since last year I was back home in Toronto, this festive season we're staying put in Brisbane to play the hosts as family comes to us. A tropical Christmas suits me just fine since my love of summer way outstrips my longing for chestnuts roasting by an open fire or Jack Frost nipping at my nose. And as I begin decorating The Spring Cottage for the holidays I like to include as many natural, beachy elements as I can to celebrate our lives in this beautiful place.

I don't know if it's true of all Australian beaches, but on the Gold Coast I can always find heaps of shells with small holes already formed in the top, and I've always thought how much crafty potential they have. Mr. Spring and I went on a mission to collect a handful of them after The Village Markets last Sunday with a DIY shell garland in mind. I just rinsed the sand off and strung the shells together on a length of red embroidery twine, spacing them out using simple single knots. This garland would look beautiful hanging from a mantle or in a window, but I've draped ours temporarily from the light tree until our real conifer arrives later this week.

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DIY shell garland



Catherine Roberts