[ezcol_1third] I fell hard for this white light tree in a neighbourhood boutique a few weeks back, blinked twice when I saw the price tag, and bought it anyway for the Spring Cottage. I thought my bid to replace the traditional fake plastic conifer would be a hard sell, but luckily the whole family thinks it's lovely and they all pitched in to help me decorate it for our Second Day of Christmas activity.

Using metal rimmed swing tags from the shop, we turned up the Christmas CD and all sat out on the verandah before dinner on Saturday night with washi tape and coloured pencils to hand-make our own tree ornaments. It was simple and fun so everyone got into the craft and the results, to us, are charming. I love the juxtaposition of the clean-lined modern tree against our family's colourful family... especially all the animal illustrations. And by the way… that drunken koala near the top is meant to be Andy the Spoodle. 

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Catherine Roberts