The 12 Days Of Christmas Mason Jar Advent Calendar


It's Monday morning and time for a small confession…

Despite the best efforts of Pinterest and my local shopping mall, I've been having a little trouble getting into the festive spirit this year. Don't get me wrong… I luuuurve me some Christmas cheer… but with so much going on this month re: The Spring Shop it's been hard to look up and find time to make this season merry and bright. Has anyone else been feeling this way too?

Maybe a whole month of Christmas lead up is asking too much of any busy family, but I know now's the time to start planing for how NOT to miss out on the good stuff… and to make sure that no one else around The Spring Cottage lets holiday fun pass them by either. To this end I sat down last night and I sketched out a plan to kickstart our festive mojo by carving out a little time on each of the 12 days of Christmas to spend getting jolly. The mode of delivery (and isn't it a bit cute?) is this DIY 12 Days of Christmas Mason Jar Advent calendar… because y'all know I love the mason jars, and it was a cinch to put together. Once you've collected 12 mason jars, just cut out some paper circles to fit between the lid and band of each jar, decorate, number, and fill the jars however you like.

Unlike the traditional advent calendars of my childhood … the ones that only ever held tiny, stale, half-melted chocolates.. each of these jars contains the ingredients or instructions for a fun activity that Mr. Spring and I (along with whomever ever else is round at ours) are bound and determined to enjoy together.

If you like the idea then obviously tailor the games, crafts, and outings to fit your family's idea of fun, but if you're a bit stuck for inspiration here's what I've put in our 12 mason jars:

Day 1: Scrabble tiles... for an after dinner game Day 2: twine, beads, and shells... to make a garland for our Christmas tree Day 3: nutmeg… to sprinkle on top of the frosty vanilla milkshakes we'll be having with dinner Day 4: popcorn... to go with a festive movie Day 5: a printed map of the best Christmas lights in Brisbane... so we can drive around and check them out Day 6: matches... so we can get romantic with a candle lit dinner for two Day 7: washi tape... for Christmas card making Day 8: chocolate chips... for cookie making Day 9: little candies… to take over to a friend's house along with the chocolate chip cookies Day 10: tags… for a gift wrapping session Day 11: coloured pencils... for writing letters to Santa… or each other Day 12: a list of Christmas songs… for cranking up and having a post-present dance party

Catherine Roberts