[ezcol_1third] The Finders Keepers are like the olympic games of markets, and this weekend was gold medal amazing. The thing I love most about The Spring Shop is that we're all about stuff that brings people joy, so over a weekend like this past on at The Finders Keepers, that means I get to watch thousands of faces beaming up at me from moonshine mugs, paper straws and bits of glittery fabric tape. It's pretty great when complete strangers smile at you for a living. I mean, how lucky is that?

We were so busy all weekend that I didn't get a chance to chat as much as I always want to with our patrons, so if you stopped by and I didn't get to say it at the time, thanks so much for coming... I hope you had a great day too!

There's so much still to be unpacked and gone through and re-ordered after the event, but seeing as the whole Spring Team (that would be my family, who all gave me their time this weekend to help out… and oh boy I needed it!) is all kinds of exhausted we're taking the afternoon off for some quiet, recuperative pamper time. If anyone needs me in the next few hours, I'll be at the spa.

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Catherine Roberts